Decorating Trend: Black Cakes

Black cakes were a huge trend in 2017 and there’s no letting up. Since the advent of gel colours that allow us to achieve a true jet black without comprising the texture or integrity of the icing (buttercream or fondant), we’ve opened up a whole new realm of exciting possibilities.


Whilst there are endless choices about how you can incorporate the black cake decorating trend in your design, there are some limitations. We do recommend, especially for cakes which will be eaten at a gathering such as wedding cakes, that the sponge itself isn’t coloured. Tombstone teeth might be a talking point, but isn’t always the photographic look you’re after. Instead, limit the striking jet black bold to the icing itself.


Here are our favourite ways to enjoy the black cake decorating trend:


  • Gold: Nothing speaks elegance, luxury and style quite like a black cake paired with gold. Dense gold edible glitter, gold lustre dust and gold leaf, can all be used ingeniously to create a stunning finished cake.
  • Neon: Black can deliver intense bright neon colours without your cake looking like something for a pre-schooler. The black contrasts fabulously with the neon and your cake will definitely make a statement.
  • White: Simple yet impressive, pairing jet black with classic white takes design skill but will wow the crowds. Texture needs to be used carefully here.
  • Geometric: Geometric designs using black paired with bronze, silver, gold, white, latte browns, and even greys can look edgy and striking. Work with the depth of your layers and remember that accuracy will be key to the finished look.
  • Lace: For sultry exotic elegance we love black cakes paired with lace designs. These work best when offset with white and some silky satin ribbon to finish it off.


Enjoy creating designs with a bold black statement.

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