All About Meringue Icing

Sometimes you are going to want to try something new when it comes to cake decorating. Sure,
buttercream icing works great and tastes lovely too, but isn’t it exciting to think that you could try
something else? This is particularly true for those who are experienced bakers and think that it is
about time to branch out and try new techniques and methods.
A popular alternative to buttercream for cakes is meringue icing, but what is it and how can you use

What is meringue icing?
As the name suggests, the idea behind meringue icing is much like a meringue. It is light and fluffy
and ideal for cakes of all types. It is made by whipping together egg whites and sugar in order to
create a light and fluffy frosting. You could also cook these two ingredients together over simmering
water, as this will help the sugar to dissolve and to create the best effect in the frosting.

How can you use it?
The great thing about meringue icing is that, much like buttercream icing, it is incredibly versatile
and can be used in a variety of different ways. Some people will use it to frost cakes and cupcakes
simply by adding to the top and smoothing over. Others will add it to piping bags and then it can be
used to create different looks and designs in order to make a show-stopping cake.
The thing to remember about meringue icing is that it can be used just like buttercream icing. It has
a slightly firmer texture and maybe a little harder work to make in those initial parts of your recipe,
however, the end results as well as the lovely sweet flavour, make it a great addition to any cake
that you are baking and decorating.

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