5 Ways of Decorating Cupcakes with Flowers


When it comes to decorating with flowers and floral designs, cupcakes are a perfect medium. Who can resist a delicious mouthful of something so beautiful? The small circle of a cupcake lends itself perfectly for the job, and the bonus is that the receiver gets something exquisite just for themselves. Let’s look at 5 ways to decorate cupcakes with flowers:


  • Piping: With some mixed shade buttercream and a 6-point closed star, or rose, piping nozzle, you can transform a humble cupcake in to a delectable rose. Relatively simple for impressive results. Perfect as it is or you can decorate further by adding a dark green fondant leaf or two. We recommend using slightly cooler buttercream than usual for crisp petal definition.
  • Fondant: It doesn’t matter if you’re new to baking, making fondant flowers is pretty easy. Simply colour the fondant in several shades of the same colour, create petals, and then layer up for the final effect. Once you’ve had a practice see if you can recreate your favourite flowers.
  • Snipped Marshmallows: Simple but effective, you can create a fun flower to adorn a cupcake by snipping mini marshmallows along the diagonal, and then squeezing the ends together to make a petal. Pop them on top of the cupcake with a chocolate bean in the middle and you’ll have sunny looking daisies.
  • Meadow Piping: For a springtime look pipe buttercream in to fronds of grass using a multi-hole nozzle and finish off with ready-made rice paper flowers or miniature flower confetti. These also look wonderful at a child’s fairy themed party.
  • The Real Deal: For exquisitely beautiful simple cupcakes make a fragrant lemon sponge and decorate with real (edible) flowers. Nasturtiums work well for their slightly peppery taste and pansies offer a delicate grassy mint flavour and of course come in a huge range of colours.


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