5 Cake Baking Trends for 2018

Which cake baking styles and designs will be riding the wave of popularity in 2018? If you want to know which are the cakes guaranteed to be ‘in’ this year, or simply want some inspiration, read on. Here are our Top 5 Cake Baking Trends for 2018:



  • The Black Cake – Dark and Elegant


The versatility and glitz of the Little Black Dress has made its way in to the baking world with the chic and impressive black cake trend. We’ve finally got the icing colours that can handle the intensity of black. Ways to use it include:

  • Varying the texture, for example add a lacy panel or combine with a 3D textured style (see below).
  • Use of contrasting colours, for example use white, soft pastels, or neon.
  • Accenting with gold leaf.


  • 3D Textured Cakes – Clever and Enticing


We’ve got the improvement in cake decorating tools to thank for 3D textured cakes making big news this year. However, this is an area for confident decorators. Even the simplest looking 3D texture designs require skill. This is because in their simplicity you can’t hide. Textures we particularly love are:

  • Ruffles
  • Dots and Spots
  • Sequins
  • Glitter
  • Wood Effect


  • Drip Cakes – Impressive and Simple


The striking and impressive look of a drip cake all depends on the success of your glaze, so invest the time to get it right. Remember, contrasting is crucial for effect so choose different but complementary colours between the glaze and the main icing.


  • Nearly Naked Cakes – Minimalist and Fresh


They were highly in favour last year and there won’t be any letting up in 2018. The nearly naked cake is firmly becoming a favourite. They are loved because of the balance between icing and cake. The trick is to create a firm bake – there’s no hiding.


  • Marble Cakes – Sleek and Enticing


Marble cakes are impressively simple and can look exceptionally balanced with fresh flowers or even a geode decorative element. Take care not to over decorate and let the marbling stand out for itself.

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