How to style coffee and cakes

Sometimes you get caught out in a tight spot and we ended up with a super busy weekend. I had evening plans on Saturday, followed by early morning plans on Sunday, followed by an afternoon out so we were very short on time.

Our friends came over for breakfast and a quick catch up and we didn’t have time to plan anything fancy or to clear up afterwards so I had to be creative. Here’s a super quick hack to make it look like you’ve spent way more time preparing for your guests than you actually have. Oops, don’t tell!

// Make something super easy from your Cake Decorating magazine – stick to mini cakes, cookies or macarons. Anything that would be perfect served with afternoon tea or some bubbly.

// Lay out some nice glassware for your guests: glasses for juice and cute mugs for a hot drink. Pop them on a nice tablecloth so you look like you’re organised for their arrival… and you don’t need to make sure the table is clean underneath!

// Display some bottles of coffee syrup for added effect. If you don’t have these in your cupboard try popping out a bowl of sugar cubes instead.

// Serve up your cakes on a beautiful cake stand or pop a colourful cake dome over the top.

// Set out some fun napkins or pretty patterned paper plates instead of normal crockery to save on washing up and also add some extra textures and colour to your table set up.

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