Why Should I Learn Cake Decorating?


If watching the Great British Bake Off leaves you feeling inspired, or you want a unique way to show the people in your life how much you love them, or you simply want the absolutely divine flavours of homemade over shop-bought, then you should consider learning cake decorating.


Cake decorating is a spectrum. We don’t start off being able to create stunning masterpieces. We’ve all experienced that design fail where what we wanted to achieve ended up looking more like a pre-schooler’s encounter with Playdoh. However, with just a few hints and tips, and a dash of practice, you’ll soon have the recipe for incredible cake decorating.


The Reasons for Cake Decorating Yourself

Let’s face it, shop bought cakes just don’t cut it. The flavours are bland, the ingredients lists read like a potion’s experiment, and the icing features are never quite placed correctly. You could order cakes from a professional baker but this adds time and expense.


Being able to decorate your own cakes is a skill which will provide you with a means of giving in a personalised way. For example, if your child decides they aren’t going to follow the crowd and demand a football cake, you can easily whisk up a robot cake instead, or for a treasured friend you can create a decadence of chocolate, or for your other half a romantic treat.


You may even be good enough that it can become a hobby that pays. If not, you’ll have fun and a way to unwind.


The problem is: cake decorating isn’t always quite as easy as it looks.

Getting Decorating Help

There are various ways you can learn cake decorating. You can turn to books, online tutorials (such as on YouTube), or attend a class. There are pros and cons to each. It’s great to browse a book for inspiration. Watching a YouTube tutorial when you’re mid-chaos can save a disaster. Attending a class will ensure you get instant feedback and elevate your skills.


The important thing is to never give up. We learn from our cake-decorating mishaps, and adjust our designs for next time.


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