The Best Cakes for Valentines


Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse for glamour and romance in your cake decorating. After all, who wants flowers when you can have cake?! The possibilities for designs and flavour combinations are divine, but here are our best cake ideas for Valentine’s Day, whoever you’re cooking for:


  • Chocolate: It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a rich and delectable offering of moreish chocolate. A classic aphrodisiac, you can easily create a decadent chocolate cake with intensely gorgeous frosting or ganache. Finish off with some simple chocolate curls and you’re sure to find your way to the eater’s heart.
  • Red Velvet: If you’re unsure of the base cake for your Valentine’s creation, then choose red velvet. The rich red colour can be a mystery to be discovered under the frosting or fondant, or works fantastically in a nearly naked cake using light frosting.
  • Piped Flowers: A simple yet stunning romantic cake design can be created using piped flowers. These work well on a large cake, but for Valentine’s why not top a single cupcake with an elegant rose to declare your love for the receiver?
  • Strawberry and White Chocolate: A flavour combination that will be a winner at any time of year, we love strawberries on Valentine’s cakes. Another well-known aphrodisiac that offers striking colour whilst wooing your admirer.
  • Macarons: Macarons used in decorating a cake create an impression of care and opulence. They are also perfect for picking off the cake and offering with a cheeky smile.
  • Hearts: Of course, it wouldn’t be Valentine’s without the incorporation of hearts in our cake designs. You’ve got plenty of choice but if you’re in a rush why not opt for a simple cake sprinkled with edible heart confetti?

We hope that your Valentine’s baking ensures you’re lucky in love, and you win over your heart’s desire!

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