3 Uses for Edible Glitter

Adding a touch of sparkle and glitter to a cake elevates it from the ordinary to the sublime. They can look truly spectacular and the shine highlights design elements. There is a wide range in how to use edible glitter though from the diamond pizazz of an intensely glittered cake to the subtlety of what looks like a fairy dusting. Here are our three favourite uses of edible glitter in cake decorating:



  • Coarse Sugar and Sanding: The range of colours available is seemingly unlimited so this is a cake designer’s dream. They are basically sugars which have a large grain providing the edges to create different angled surfaces for the light to dance on. When using buttercream this can be sprinkled directly on to the icing. If using fondant then the surface will need to be dampened slightly. Use a little gum paste or thin icing to act as glue.
  • Fine Glitter: The fairy dust of the cake decorating world, fine edible glitter creates a magical illusion with your cake. The gently shimmering colours, or ice white or silver, dazzle but do so gently. This works well sprinkled from height to create an even coating. You shouldn’t need to dampen your fondant either. Another trick is to use a dry paintbrush and ‘spray’ the glitter where you want it to go, especially if one element needs more.
  • Lustre Dust: Much finer that fine glitter, lustre dust is less about the dazzle and more about the shimmer. It works extremely well used with gum paste on fondant design elements. You can achieve great accuracy in application. If you’re looking for an intense coverage but still want to retain the shimmer, mix the dust with a small amount of alcohol to create a paint which you can apply.



Let your cake sparkle, dazzle, and play in the light by using edible glitter.


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